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 “Wash yourselves clean! Put away your misdeeds from before my eyes; cease doing evil; redress the wronged, hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow.”  (Isaiah 1:16-17)

“Oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did… but we did. I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines. I regret what I did.”(1,3,4) This admission of deliberate illegal behavior was confessed by Dr. William Thompson, a long time researcher and Senior Government Scientist involved in vaccine research and safety at the CDC Immunization Safety office. He was the author and coauthor of all three of the leading CDC studies that supposedly exonerate vaccines as a causative agent of autism.

It was in late August 2014 when Dr. Thompson made the official public statement, “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics”. He confessed, “I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I’ve—I’ve been part of the problem.”(1,5) Dr. Thompson has invoked the protection of the Federal Whistleblower Statute and has recently turned over thousands of incriminatory CDC documents to Congressman Bill Posey of Florida, hoping to be subpoenaed by Congress to testify under oath.(1,5,6,7) He states that he and his peers “intentionally” changed the results of the only vaccine which has ever been studied for safety regarding autism, the MMR vaccine. He has confessed that the CDC deliberately concealed data showing that MMR can cause autism, particularly in African American boys who are vaccinated before the age of three—that MMR is linked to a 340 percent increased risk of autism in black boys.(1,3,21) Dr. Thompson says he is remorseful over his involvement and wants to expose the CDC and its group of individuals who are responsible for this corruption and the subsequent financially motivated cover-up. These individuals include Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, and Dr. Coleen Boyle.(1,5,21)

The admission of direct manipulation of documents by Dr. Thompson and his peers is an extremely serious matter! Omitting or withholding data to bury a connection between vaccine injury and autism in order to reach a predetermined result is research fraud. Dr. David Lewis, an International Expert in Whistleblowing and the detection of scientific fraud, reviewed the original CDC documents and the paper they published in 2004. Dr. Lewis stated, “Probably this is the clearest case and the easiest case in which to answer – is it fraud or is it an accident, is it just an artifact of the study that we’re dealing with here?” He went on to state, “Clearly it is fraud!”.(4)

Dr. Thompson unquestionably knows he is culpable for damage and that he is culpable for the permanent damage of a large significant portion of the population of the United States. He has admitted, “The higher-ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it.”(1,4) The CDC and these individuals are still in charge of every vaccine approved and injected into millions of children and adults. An immediate initiation of a full and thorough investigation should have been top priority for both the President and Congress but to date, it has not. What could be more important than the lives of our children? Is President Obama and Congress afraid of the ramifications that will arise from such major corruption and fraud; or do they simply believe that our children’s lives are expendable as the CDC believed lives were during their Tuskegee Experiment.(4,8) Or maybe they are just willingly allowing powerful pharmaceutical companies to both run our country and discreetly destroy lives.

After the release of Thompson’s audio taped revelations, Dr. Frank DeStefano, now Chief of the Immunization Safety office, admitted in a September 2014 interview to CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, that it’s a “possibility” that vaccines rarely trigger autism but “it’s hard to predict who those children might be”.(9) This is quite a change from CDC’s site boldly stating ‘Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism’ and ‘There is no link between vaccines and autism’.(10) This noteworthy admission of even a “possibility” that vaccines trigger autism comes directly from a leading health office at an agency that has worked nearly 15 years to dispel the public of any notion of a tie between vaccines and autism.(9) This is significant for parents to understand. Testing for genetic variables, immune response, mitochondrial disorders, infections, low grade inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification deficits, and even identifying a previous mild brain injury does not take place prior to a child’s vaccine injection; therefore, the CDC or any healthcare provider cannot nor will not know the actual risk of harm that is involved. It is a guess!

In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) which provides liability protection to vaccine manufacturers and all healthcare providers.(11) It was set up because of the fact that the vaccine schedule of the early 1980s was causing so many injuries and lawsuits that manufacturers threatened to stop making vaccines which they alleged would no longer be profitable.(12,13,14) The NCVIA ensures, regardless of any harm or death that may result from a vaccine, manufacturers and all healthcare providers can NEVER BE SUED.(15) Coincidentally, prior to the vaccine manufacturers receiving this liability protection, autism prevalence in the US was 1 in 10,000. Today, the prevalence is 1 in 68 and this given number is based on children born in 2002 so the actual number today is unknown. Over a 30-year period from 1985–2015, autism alone is up more than “14,000%”.(1)

For 15 years, the public has been led to believe that there are vaccine studies showing complete safety and that they do not cause autism. This has been a grave and blatant lie. Fifteen years ago, there was a very important study that looked at data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink which found a significant correlation between thimerosal (a mercury based preservative and well-known neurotoxin) exposure via vaccines and several neurodevelopmental disorders including tics, speech, language delays, ADD and autism. Dr. Thomas Verstraesten was the study’s main author. Frightening correlations were found between the higher doses of thimerosal and problems with neurodevelopment so the study was changed in a massive cover-up.(22,23,25,31,32)

There has NEVER been a single study to ever prove vaccines containing thimerosal are safe but hundreds to prove their direct harm.(2,28,29,30,32) This lack of scientific research proving all vaccines are safe is totally unacceptable. Parents, pediatricians and public healthcare providers are dependent upon reliable, credible information and the trustworthiness of our government when mandating vaccines. Without an investigation by Congress and confirmation of CDC trust, millions of our children and the lives of many families will continue to be harmed.

The US has the highest number of mandated vaccines for children under 5 in the world, the highest autism rate in the world, but only places 34th in the world for its children under 5 mortality rate.(20) Why? How can this be acceptable? No parent wants to risk any degree of neurological harm to their child, but a serious risk is unquestionably involved.(27,31) The STATISICAL SIGNIFCANT RISK has been clearly identified, undisputedly known and well hidden. The following site links to a vital document that details this known danger as well as the cover-up – thinktwice.

This secret manuscript, officially titled “Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information”, was discovered and obtained by way of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. It originates from a private meeting held on June 7-8, 2000 at Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, Georgia. In attendance were 51 scientists and physicians of which five represented vaccine manufacturers. Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, an author and nationally recognized neurosurgeon, reviewed and analyzed the entire document. His full review can be read here: putchildrenfirst.  Below is a very brief excerpt from his conclusion:

  • The top of each page of the study were the words-“DO NOT COPY OR RELEASE” AND “CONFIDENTIAL”. Per Dr. Russell Blaylock regarding the private document, “Why was this information being secreted?” He went on to state, “The answer is obvious-it might endanger the vaccine program and indict the federal regulatory agencies for ignoring this danger for so many years. Our society is littered with millions of children who have been harmed in one degree or another by this vaccine policy. In addition, let us not forget the millions of parents who have had to watch helplessly as their children have been destroyed by this devastating vaccine program.” “It is obvious that a massive cover-up is in progress, as we have seen with so many other scandals…… In fact, excessive, chronic microglial activation can explain many of the effects of excessive vaccine exposure as I point out in two recently published articles. With chronic microglial activation, large concentrations of excitotoxins are released as well as neurotoxic cytokines. These have been shown to destroy synaptic connections, dendrites and cause abnormal pathway development in the developing brain as well as adult brain. In essence, too many vaccines are being given to children during the brain’s most rapid growth period. Known toxic metals are being used in the vaccines that interfere with brain metabolism, antioxidant enzymes, damage DNA and DNA repair enzymes and trigger excitotoxicity. Removing mercury will help but will not solve the problem because overactivation of the brain’s immune system will cause varying degrees of neurological damage to the highly-vulnerable developing brain.”(23)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., author of “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak” stated, “I devoted time to study this issue because I believe that this is a national and moral imperative that must be addressed. If our public health authorities knowingly allowed the pharmaceutical industry to poison an entire generation of American children, as the evidence suggests, their actions arguably constitute one of the biggest scandals in medical history.”(24,25,26,29,30)

In conclusion, Dr. Thompson wants to be subpoenaed to tell the truth. He no longer wishes to be part of a lie that has already destroyed millions of lives for far too many years. We do not know which autistic child “angel” touched Dr. Thompson’s soul, but we do know that God works in miraculous ways to bring light toward the truth. We should all eagerly desire to hear what Dr. Thompson asserts.

Parents want to protect their children from disease; however, we are living in a different world today where greed and dishonestly is pervasive. There is a much greater threat to our children, who will suffer permanent neurological damage from excessive vaccinations and toxic adjuvants like thimersol, than from the risk of contracting a serious disease. Read, research, and be guided to share with others the unveiled “truth”!

“I look to the faithful of the land to sit at my side.
Whoever follows the way of integrity is the one to enter my service.
 No one who practices deceit can remain within my house.
No one who speaks falsely can last in my presence.
Morning after morning I clear all the wicked from the land,
    to rid the city of the Lord of all doers of evil.”   (Psalm 101:6-8)


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